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Home Buyers Inspection: Your home purchase will undoubtedly be one of the largest investments of your life. At first look the home may appear to be in great condition. However, there may be a number of unobserved defects, or safety hazards. Plus there might be major household items which are near the end of their life span, items such as the roof, water heater, air conditioner, or heater.
Even though home sellers are required to disclose information about their house up front, in a disclosure form, their memory may fail, or most likely, they simply do not know about the deficiencies (issues) that might exist in their very own home.

Home Sellers Inspection (Listing Inspection): One of the main reasons a home sale transaction can fall apart, is the inspection, or in the seller’s case, lack of an inspection. A seller’s report is not meant to replace buyer’s inspections. It’s purpose is to uncover defects in advance so that the buyer’s inspections don’t become deal-breakers. Eventually your buyers are going to conduct an inspection, so you may as well know what they are going to find out ahead of time. This way you can disclose these findings, or get repairs done. This inspection come with all the protection plans that are included with our standard home buyers inspection.

Home Warranty Inspection: You bought yourself a new home, but now your 1 year builders warranty is about to expire. The warranty was your life raft, let us inspect your home before your warranty expires. Why risk having to pay for repairs that could have been discovered with a thorough inspection? Let the builder pay to fix any found deficiencies. You certainly don’t want to pay to repair or replace any items when you sell your house. Items that the buyers home inspection might discover.

Brand New Constructed Home Inspection: Although a city and/or county inspector comes out and looks at a home to be sure it is built to code, they don’t usually check for functionality.
With so many sub-contractors working simultaneously on a home during the build, it is easy if not commonplace to overlook things. Often inspections of brand new homes have more deficiencies than existing homes
(which have had time to work the kinks out). Good builders will have no problems fixing deficiencies found by a home inspector. It is absolutely worth it to have a home inspection done on a brand new home.